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Get to know the vendors of South Moon Market


Erica Wilson


Hi! My name is Erica wilson but my friends call my Ricky! I grew up in the ocean watching my dad surf and rubbing tanning oil on my mom! I was born and raised in beautiful Cocoa Beach and have lived in Florida all my life. My parents have owned their own manufacturing business since before I was born. They started out making surfboard fins and eventually transitioned to making surfboard traction pads and now they make non skid traction for the decks of boats. I have always admired their work ethic and ability to make a living doing something they actually loved and cared about. They have always encouraged me to be a maker, a dreamer, a business owner and to do whatever made me happy. I am forever grateful for their guidance, support and acceptance of my dreams. 

I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is shaping silly putty Into rings and bracelets and forcing my mom to wear them until they drooped off lol! Next I developed a macrame friendship bracelet addiction. From there it was anything I could get my hands on. Beads, flat plastic cord, shrinky dinks, I even melted tooth brushes and formed them into bracelets! In high school I got super into making glass beads and hemp necklaces to go with them, this was actually my first business and I called it zombeads. After high school I took a break from jewelry making to spend more time sewing. When I picked jewelry making back up it was in the form of found mixed metal objects, beads and bones. That was almost seven years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Now I make jewelry full time and I can’t wait to better my soldering skills and learn how to cast metal! I hand make all of my jewelry using brass, silver and animal bones. All of the bones I use are hand collected from nature by me and my loved ones. With a huge variety of styles and sizes I strive to have something for everyone. I also focus heavily on the quality of my materials and craftsmanship to ensure that your jewelry will stand the test of time!  

I have been doing pop ups for about 6 years. Outside of pop ups I also sell my jewelry at serpentine plants and provisions and my website 


Bianca Williams


Bianca Williams Ceramics

I make modern ceramics for the home. Well, mostly, I make modern ceramics I want in my home. I think I started making ceramics because I was curious. The mysterious mechanics of the pottery wheel was a challenge I felt compelled to explore, just to see if I could actually do it. I was one of those people, you hear about it all the time in ceramics, from the moment I started making pottery, I just couldn’t stop. It’s been almost 20 years since I started throwing and ceramics continues to frustrate and excite me. There is always something new to try, a shape to tweak, an image or color that could be just that tiny bit better, it never stops. It makes me so happy that other people love what I make. It's a constant delight that I can make a living creating things that other people want. Particularly because, otherwise, I would have been buried alive by pottery years ago, and always, because of the hundreds of times some has told me they use my mug every morning and it makes their day better. I can’t tell you how good that feels.


I live in Gainesville, Florida, a small city full of weirdos, musicians, and foodies, plus the occasional rabid sports fan. I’m from here, so I can say that. If I didn’t make pottery, I would be writer or a painter or a gardener. Oddly enough, ceramics somehow makes me feel like I am all three, with a hefty dose of mad scientist for good measure. I like cats, plants, books, and shiny things, in no particular order, and my favorite color is gold. I would trade my best kidney for a better sense of direction, and I love learning new things. 





Brittany Boyer

Ecostitch & Cycle

Always a maker: painter, textile artist, and plant lover with a passion for the environment and sustainability.

“As an artist with a love for making anything by hand - I find myself working in a medley of projects. I started educating myself about environmental issues while in college but as a child, I was always passionate about re-purposing and reusing. Within a year after graduating with my BFA, my wife and I decided to move to Florida. I became more involved in the zero-waste, eco-friendly community. This is where the idea for Eco Stitch & Cycle was born.”

Brittany finds inspiration in the natural world around her as well as the ways humans interact with the natural world. She prefers to work in her primary medium of watercolor painting but also enjoys creating textile fine art from recycled cotton or linen fabrics and food waste. Brittany, and Eco Stitch and Cycle, believe in supporting the move towards a slow living lifestyle and believe in creating as little waste as possible when making fine art pieces.



  1. What we sell: Watercolor paintings, prints, and textile fine art pieces

  2. How long in business: We turn 2 in March!

  3. Where are your products available: a. (commissions specifically) b. c. Unique Notions in High Springs, Florida d. Lotus & Buddha Art Collective, Micanopy, Florida

Eco Stitch & Cycle

Elevated Plant Love

Hi, I'm Tabbatha the creator of Elevated Plant Love. I am an avid gardener mostly edibles & flowers. They were my gateway to houseplants. And a long time creator. I am so glad that recently I was able to merge two of my loves into EPL. 


Who's kids & pets like to destroy their treasured plant babies? Mine! EPL was born to find ways to display plants beautifully & safety elevated from mischievous mouths & hands. Being environmentally friendly is also huge for us! All of the wood used is salvaged to reduce waste. Being lucky enough to call Gainesville, Fl. home, we heavily rely on the Repurpose Project for as many of our materials as possible. Our favorite materials are wood, glass, metal, & cotton for their natural & quality feel. 


Many of our propagation stations & plant shelves took shape from scrapes. Telling us who they wanted to be along the way. Born from something once thrown away to a beautiful reminder that with a little work anything can be transformed. 

Tabbatha Carpenter

Elevated Plant love

fillup_g_art bio.jpeg

Fillup G and Ulysses

Fillup G Art

I am from Jacksonville, FLA. I live in Gainesville. I lived in Idaho and California and South Carolina, but I was born from humidity, so I returned my limestone bones to the swamps. I’ve painted for a long time, though I’ve never taken an art class. Is it folk art? Is it low art? Is it just bad? I don’t know that. I just paint them. Some are funny, some are not. Some of it is like a Roger Miller song, real fun until you figure out the heartbreak. And maybe the heartbreak is that nobody cares about Roger Miller songs. 


I try to sell the paintings at affordable prices because I think that everybody should be able to afford to have real art in their house. So, while I’d like to be a millionaire, I’ve decided that I’ll have to do it $40 at a time.


You can buy them off instagram, just send me a message. You might be able to find them in a thrift store or a pizza shop or you can call me and I can meet you at the carnival in the Oaks Mall parking lot. I’ll sell you a painting and then take the money and get us funnel cake.


britnee greene bio pic.jpeg
Brittnee Greene
From Closets Past
From Closets Past

My name is Brittnee, owner/curator/creator behind From Closets Past. I sell vintage, thrifted and second hand garments and accessories with a thoughtful eye; I also sell my art in the form of hand painted terracotta plant pots. 

From Closets Past is a celebration of personal style, whether in your home or on yourself. My collections are inspired by color, something I personally think we all should have a lot more of in life. 

You can find some of my plant pots in Plant Stay, a local Gainesville plant shop, and soon you can buy both clothes and pots on my website that will be coming soon! 

honey flowers.jpg
Valeria Rosich
Honey Flowers
Honey Flowers

Flores de Miel (Honey Flowers) is the product of a Venezuelan experimental artist based in Gainesville Florida, Valeria Rosich, who is passionate about human’s direct connection with nature.

After apprenticing at an organic farm in 2018, she honed her collage and flower-pressing skills to develop a new personal form of art to share the vitality that nature revealed to her on the fields -

a vibrant collection of handmade jewelry created with real preserved plant materials including hand-picked flowers, leaves, seeds, and other foraged treasures that she turns into unique designs.

Owning one of her pieces is an invitation to appreciate the beauty that arises from all around us. "My mission is to inspire people to connect with nature" Valeria

She's been bringing her work to the local community on different events since Dec 2020

Also offers nationwide shipping availability on 

Follow her digital portfolio on  Instagram 

Jenny Alpaugh Bio pic.JPG
Jenny Alpaugh
Handmade By Jenny A.
Handmade By Jenny A

Hi! I'm Jenny of Handmade by Jenny A. I grew up in Athens, Georgia and ended up staying there for school. After graduation I lived in Portland for a little less than a year and then found myself back in the south to be closer to family. I fell in love with Gainesville, and love how familiar it feels with its similarities to Athens, but since it's not where I grew up there's so much to explore! 


I've been crocheting since my grandma taught me how to when I was eight years old. I stumbled upon a book of crochet succulent patterns at the library shortly after moving to Gainesville in 2019, and soon after Handmade by Jenny A. was born. I love the joy my crochet creations bring to people. I mainly make crocheted succulents and stuffed animals, but I also take custom requests.


In my free time I love reading, listening to podcasts, exploring all the amazing food and coffee shops in Gainesville (shout out to Curia which is also where I did my first market!) and trying out new recipes. 


You can find my work at my Etsy or at Plantstay in Gainesville.

julia sullivan
Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan Photography

As a mental health professional and advocate, Julia Sullivan has encouraged others to find a place of relaxation and reprieve. In her own personal journey she has found that being at the beach is her happiest place. When there is not enough time to get to the ocean she finds many other peaceful and healing places to retreat to in the Gainesville area.

Photography runs in her genes. Her father was a professional wedding photographer and an avid "family picture taker". She finds that combining the creative aspects of photography with the solace found in communing with nature to be a perfect fit. She is humbled and honored to share with you these snippets of well-being and tranquility that she has found along her way.

South Moon Market id her first pop-up event, but you can find her photographs on her website if you don't catch her on March 27th. 

karre beauty bio pic.JPG
Karre Beauty
Karre Beauty

Shay, the founder of @karre_beauty is a Palm Beach native that recently returned to Gainesville to start @karre_beauty sighting the luscious nature of Gainesville and its enthusiastic support of small business. A place of luscious beauty, and a product to keep its citizens the same—lucious and beautiful. @karre_beauty is keeping the kings, queens, and in betweens looking and feeling their best with local pick-up, and delivery available nationwide! Come checkout their amazing products March 27th @south_moon_market 💅🏽💋💅

La Chua.jpeg
Sabrina Karr
La Chua Vintage
La Chua Vintage

My name is Sabrina Kaar, my business is La Chua Vintage and I sell vintage clothing and accessories. My current hometown is Gainesville, Florida. I grew up in Gainesville and I went to Santa Fe and UF where I studied history. After graduation, I lived in Asheville for 7 years, returning to Gainesville in 2015. My interest in vintage clothing began when I received my mother's 'Calling All Nations' INXS shirt when I was 9, but I didn't begin working with vintage clothing until 2010. I repaired vintage clothing for the shop I worked for, and eventually moved to being allowed to buy for the shop as well. Never thinking that selling vintage clothing could be a viable way for me to earn a living, I went back to school to get an accounting degree and establish a career. Fast forward to February 2017, I was let go at my UF accounting job, and feeling like I had nothing else to lose, I decided to give vintage clothing another try. I did my first pop-up market with Gainesville Vintage Market and I actually sold a couple things! Emboldened, I was able to secure a spot at the Indie Flea markets and I started to establish my brand and grow my customer base. I opened a small storefront later that year at the Curia Complex, and in 2018, I moved into The Auk Market. I still love doing the occasional pop-up though, as it is my favorite way to meet new customers and other sellers.

Sew What!

tish kilpatrick.jpeg

Tish Kilpatrick

Sew What!

 In my youth, I remember burrowing under my mountain grandmother’s quilts. Looking at the stitches and fabric patches filled me with awe and wonder. Her stitches were clumsy and points didn’t match. She would be the first to tell you she didn’t have time, raising ten children on a farm, to make them pretty. But I still felt surrounded by her love.

     The quilts I make are basically scrappy. They are not very modern. That’s to honor her. But I do try to make them precise and only use quilt grade material . 

     And I hope you feel loved when you are cuddled up under one!

Daniela Bishop.jpeg
Daniela Bishop 
Venus Honey Wares
Venus Honey Wares

Daniela Bishop 'Venus Honey Wares'

I sell handmade earrings, mask chains, keychains, necklaces, magnets, hair clips, etc. from polymer clay and other materials. 

I haven't been doing pop-ups very long! I just started my jewelry business in February. 

My products are available on my website at, I also take custom orders through my Instagram @Venushoney.wares 

I'm not great at talking about myself, to be honest haha. I have a lot of interests, ceramics, reading, skating, writing, photography, cooking. I'm a part-time vegan cook when I'm not making jewelry or pursuing my other interests.

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